Current status. 

My everyday.


Current status. 

My everyday.


From SooperSweet at the R-Space Gallery.

(“Wet Dream”)

For Si, after his nightmare.

Hole: Live Through This (full album) (by babydollwhore)

16_23 by ITGETSDARKER on Flickr.

16_23 by ITGETSDARKER on Flickr.


Yes, I realize these are horrific and may be terribly upsetting (they are to me). There are also color photos which are much more graphic and which I could hardly bring myself to look at for longer than a second or two, let alone post (you can view them for yourselves on the artist’s website).

Nevertheless, it’s an important series. So here it is.

Sally Mann - What Remains (2003)

“Mann’s fifth book, What Remains, published in 2003, is based on the show of the same name at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, and is in five parts. The first section contains photographs of the remains of Eva, her greyhound, after decomposition. The second part has the photographs of dead and decomposing bodies at the federal Forensic Anthropology Facility (known as the ‘Body Farm’). The third part details the site on her property where an armed escaped convict was killed. The fourth part is a study of the grounds of Antietam, the site of the bloodiest single day battle in American history during the Civil War. The last part is a study of close-ups of the faces of her children.Thus, this study of mortality, decay and death ends with hope and love.”

untitled on Flickr.CCRCC 2008

untitled on Flickr.

CCRCC 2008

Waiting for-

1. Kria Brekkan to play at our house on the 16th

2. The other show at our house with Agatha on the 31st

3. To be done with bike repairs

4. April to apply for unemployment

5. Something to settle my plans to sublet or move out

6. Summer